Rye Grass Haylage

A great all round haylage, making it very palatable for horses and ponies in work.

All of our haylage is packed into 75L bags weighing approximately 15kg for easy handling.

For a competitive price and any offers please contact us on:
Phone: 07538926711
Email: sales@hmhaylage.co.uk


Our haylage grass mixtures are carefully selected to suit our Medium/High energy and Meadow haylage requirements.

All our grass ranges from 2-5 year leys, after that they lose their nutritional values.

With good quality haylage, concentrate use can be reduced or cut out, as some horses/ponies will maintain their body weight on haylage alone.

We always make sure that we get the right seed mixture combined with accurate timing and planning throughout the growing season to produce top quality haylage.

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Weight 15 kg