H & M Ryegrass Haylage

  • A palatable ryegrass haylage providing medium energy.
  • Ideal for a range of horses and ponies, including but not limited to active horses including sports and competition horse & ponies, those in full work and horses & ponies who need a little more from their forage to improve condition.
  • The as fed level of the ESC sugar and starch for our H & M Ryegrass Haylage is below 10%.
  • Digestible & Nutritious.
  • Available in 15kg bales.
  • Available in 130kg bales (130kg bale dimensions¬†approx- 70cm x 50cm x 100cm).

Analysed by Forageplus who work closely with the ECIR Group, led by leading vet Dr Kellon and advise that ESC+ Starch taking into account Dry Matter be 10% or less to be safe to feed to horses and ponies prone to laminitis. 

For full analysis please do get in touch.

Additional information

Weight15 kg