About H&M Haylage

‘Our family have been raising and milking cows for 50 years, so we know all about what goes in to your livestock and how it can dramatically effect what comes out.’

Combining strong partnerships with the utilisation of specialised machinery, we are experts in the manufacture and sales of high yield, high quality, mixed grass haylage.

How We Started

Our parent company, JS & J Buckley have been farming and contracting across North East Lincolnshire for over 35 years and our family have a combined 100+ years’ experience in agriculture and livestock management, as well as business and trade. The desire to put all of this knowledge and expertise to good use, we decided to form a brand new company, H&M Haylage – specialising in the production of superior quality, nutritious feed for the equestrian industry.

Meet the Team

At H&M Haylage we value every member of our team and their individual experience and skills they have to offer. Additionally, each of our Directors bring collectively a wealth of agricultural, business and manufacturing experience to the farm.


Stuart has farming in his blood, having been involved in farming most of his life. For over 40 years he has worked with livestock and the production of haylage, hay and silage.


Matt has over 15 years’ experience working on and managing the farmland.


An experienced and qualified agricultural electrician whilst working at Peacock & Binnington, Hugh has been working on the farm for 5 years focusing on the contracting side of the business.